2019 Thales Data Threat Report European Edition

Research and analysis from IDC

27% or less of European enterprises
use encryption with digital
transformation technologies

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Sensitive data is widespread in digital transformation environments

“Despite the importance of protecting sensitive data, encryption rates among European companies in our study are very low. Twenty seven percent or fewer of European respondents say they use encryption for the use cases studied” - IDC

Key Statistics


Using sensitive data with digitally transformative technologies


or less of respondents are using encryption within DX environments


Have encountered a data breach at any time, 29% in the last year


2018 Thales Data Threat Report

As digital transformation inherently drives organisations into a data driven world, 94% of organisations are using sensitive data in cloud, big data, IoT, containers or mobile environments –creating new attack surfaces and new risks for data.

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Driven by escalating cyberattacks, traditional insider threats, privacy requirements and data residency regulations, enterprises around the world are facing increasing pressures to protect their data and reduce the exposure of their organisations to data related risks.

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2019 Thales Data Threat Report – European Edition Written by a team of analysts from IDC’S security products research practice, led by Program VP Frank Dickson, the European Edition of the report focuses on the responses of 400 IT security professionals with responsibility for, or influence over, IT and data security from a total global sample of 1200. Of this 400, 100 each were from enterprises in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden. Download now