Horizons explores and prototypes new data security technologies and techniques, particularly in distributed cloud environments. Findings are shared publicly, whenever possible, to further the advancement of the information security community.

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Duncan JonesJune 03, 2019

Quantum-Resistant TLS in Go

Quantum computing attacks may have already begun. Confidential data is being exchanged using algorithms that will eventually be broken by quantum computers. Even though attackers…

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Alastair ClarkMay 13, 2019

Going Native with Kubernetes Operators

With an increasing shift to micro-services architectures, the ecosystem seems to be in a steady cycle of increasing complexity, followed by a new tool to help us manage that…

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Andrew MobbsApril 17, 2019

Engineering Secure Systems

Systems The word “system” comes from the Greek σύστημα, a whole thing made of parts, or a composition. When we discuss the behaviour of systems, we’re discussing the emergent…

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