Abby H. Brown, Ph.D.
Technical Team Lead

Abby currently researches and delivers demo’s across disciplines within the cyber security realm. These include Machine Learning, Industrial IOT and micro-services. She utilizes her experience as Hardware Security, and Firmware Engineer while developing in latest software engineering practices. Abby has championed low level device security authentication and key management.

Abby’s prior work as Mechatronics Engineer includes designing systems that merge electronics and computer engineering to deliver prototypes which automate industrial processes and sensor security. She contributed to Atom microprocessor security built in. She addresses Industrial audiences on security and automation concerns, and the Pharmaceutical community on securing clinical trial research. She has received U.S. patents for work in pattern matching, database auto-creation and web services auto-discovery. To date, she has presented Data Center architectures, and Virtualization strategies to U.S. Department of Transportation.

Her publications and technical book editing include security awareness training to Development Community, and application integration work. She contributed to Togaf architecture frameworks, Software Defined Network, and cell phone portability which continue to evolve.