Thales eSecurity News Release

Datacryptor high-speed optical network encryptors achieve Common Criteria

Validation Ensures Thales Offers High Level Data Protection For Government Agencies And Enterprises

Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, announces that its Datacryptor high-speed SONET/SDH and Ethernet Layer 2 hardware-based network encryptors have received Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 3 certification, ensuring customers have the utmost confidence in the range of advanced cryptographic solutions.

“Governments and enterprise businesses face unprecedented challenges in ensuring the confidentiality of data as it is processed and exchanged across data centers and the use of cryptography in the form of encryption offers the most convenient way to protect sensitive data in transit over high-speed backhaul and backbone connections,” says Franck Greverie, Vice President, Managing Director for the information systems security activities of Thales. “Thales has long championed best practices and industry standards and Common Criteria certification for our Datacryptor products demonstrates our commitment to achieving internationally recognized standards and compliance requirements. It is vital that our customers have a high level of confidence in the products they buy and independent review of a product’s security properties is a powerful tool in building that confidence.”

The international Common Criteria standard was developed to unify and supersede national IT security certification schemes from several different countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand. Common Criteria certified solutions are required by governments and enterprises around the world to protect mission-critical infrastructures. Under Common Criteria, a product is evaluated to a specific Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL). Thales’ Datacryptor high-speed optical encryptors have been certified to EAL3, meeting international mutual recognition arrangements and ensuring customers have the utmost confidence in Thales’s range of advanced cryptographic solutions.

Thales Datacryptor SONET/SDH and Ethernet Layer 2 models join other Datacryptor models previously certified to Common Criteria. The high-speed optical encryptors are also undergoing certification under the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) level 3. FIPS is a standard defined by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and widely adopted as a security benchmark for cryptographic solutions in government and commercial enterprises. Thales’s participation in both the Common Criteria and FIPS schemes gives customers the assurance that products have been developed in accordance with internationally recognized best practice.

COACT Café Labs, an independent technical testing and evaluation standards organization, evaluated Thales Datacryptor SONET/SDH and Ethernet Layer 2 Gigabit encryptors for Common Criteria certification. "As an accredited Common Criteria and FIPS cryptographic validation testing laboratory, COACT is a leading provider of security compliance solutions and services. With unrivalled ethics, COACT remains free from real or perceived conflicts of interest and does not engineer, manufacture, or resell any type of products.” says Brian Pleffner, Director of COACT Café Labs. “Thales has successfully demonstrated that the Datacryptor high-speed SONET/SDH and Ethernet Layer 2 hardware-based network encryptors are compliant with Common Criteria EAL3.”