Thales eSecurity News Release

Thales launches Datacryptor Small Form Factor, a compact encryptor for mobile and constricted environments

Datacryptor Small Form Factor offers flexibility and the highest IP network encryption standards for intelligence services and Special Forces

Thales UK, leader in information systems and communications security, today announces the availability of Datacryptor ® Small Form Factor, a more compact version of its high-assurance, high-speed network encryptor, Datacryptor AP. Thales UK's new solution is designed specifically for organisations worldwide that operate in mobile or space-limited environments to protect sensitive or classified information using the highest IP network security standards available.

Datacryptor Small Form Factor is nearly half the physical size of the standard product yet it retains the high-assurance functionality up to UK Secret. The re-packaged solution is suitable for organisations such as Special Forces, the police and intelligence services that work in constricted or mobile environments.

The solution provides users, such as field operators for the intelligence service or military personnel, with secure access to classified information. Datacryptor Small Form Factor can be easily combined with a laptop PC and a satellite communications terminal to enable the benefits of secure mobile IP networking for users who are on the move and do not work in the traditional office environment. The new version is also suitable for organisations where storage space is restricted or in locations such as ships or vehicles where there is no room for bulky equipment.

Andrew Blaydes, Technical Director, NSSL Ltd, a long-term partner to Thales UK , comments: “To meet the challenges associated with being out of the office and on the move, many of our customers were increasingly demanding a more compact encryptor that offers the same levels of security but is more suited to mobile environments. We have worked closely with Thales to develop this more compact version and incorporate customer feedback into the new design. Datacryptor Small Form Factor is already in use operationally by a number of different branches of UK Government highlighting the immediate need for such a product.”

Alex Cresswell, Managing Director for Thales' Land and Joint business in the UK , says : “Thales is responding to customer demand for a more compact, portable solution with the new Datacryptor Small Form Factor. We are able to meet the needs of a broader range of users such as the police, Special Forces and intelligence services. Thales has a proven track record as a leading supplier of encryption technology, delivering many thousands of Datacryptors to the UK Government alone. Shipment of Datacryptor Small Form Factor has already begun, proving the market need for a network encryption solution that combines the highest security standards with space-saving and portability benefits.”

Thales UK 's Datacryptor solutions can be programmed with customised algorithms with the ability to configure security policies and security associations in a variety of ways to suit the architecture of any national network.