Decisive technology
for decisive moments

Come visit us at RSA Conference 2020 and see how you can rely on Thales for your data security requirements. #RSAC2020

What will be your decisive moment to secure your data?

Whether the moment is building an encryption strategy, ensuring trusted access to the cloud, or meeting compliance mandates – you can rely on Thales to secure your digital transformation.

Visit Thales at Booth N-5445 to speak with one of our data security experts.

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How will you secure your data in the cloud?

As you move to the cloud, you can rely on Thales to protect and secure access to your sensitive data in any cloud

Speak to one of our cloud security experts about:

  • Bring Your Own Encryption
  • Cloud Key Management
  • Hybrid Cloud HSM

Does your organization have an encryption strategy?

Whether your data is at rest, in motion or in use, you can rely on Thales for your encryption strategies.

Speak to one of our encryption experts about:

  • Database Encryption
  • Key Management
  • Hardware Security Modules



Can you secure access to your cloud applications and services?

Regardless of the size of your business, you can rely on Thales to deliver secure, trusted access to all of your cloud services.

Speak to one of our experts about:

  • Smart Single Sign On
  • Authentication
  • Access Management

Do you know where your sensitive data is stored?

As your organization collects more information, you can rely on Thales to help you locate your sensitive data wherever it resides and apply the right data security and access controls.

Speak to one of our experts about:

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Compliance & Risk Mitigation



Should you trust cloud providers with your encryption keys?

Join Sol Cates, VP of Technical Strategy at Thales, for a discussion on the best practices for multi-cloud key management.

Wednesday Feb 26 | 8:00 AM | North Hall Briefing Center