A common encryption platform for the widest range of database environments

Reduce the risk of a breach with Thales database encryption and key management solutions.

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Highly publicized breaches of sensitive records have become an almost daily occurrence, driving awareness, interest and concern around database protection and regulatory compliance. As digital transformation leads to an increasingly diverse database environment, organizations recognize the need to safeguard against both external and internal threats effectively.

Database encryption and key management solutions from Thales eSecurity enable enterprises to protect their most sensitive data and comply with data protection mandates, while providing both cost and efficiency advantages over native database encryption tools. The Vormetric Data Security Platform secures a broad range of databases with encryption, access controls and data-access audit logging, and HSMs deliver high assurance and FIPS-certified security of encryption keys.

How Thales can help

Thales eSecurity solutions allow only authorized users
and devices to access protected data and systems.

Protect data-at-rest

Flexible implementation covers a
broad environment of databases
and data types across on-premises
and cloud-based deployments.

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Centralized solution

Centrally manage cryptographic
keys, policies and policy-based
privileged user access controls
across platforms.

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Detects advanced persistent threats
and insider abuse and addresses
the most stringent security policies
and compliance mandates.

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