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AliasLab provides security and digital signature expertise including software development services, consulting and system integration for banking, insurance, corporate (enterprise) and public administration markets.

AliasLab Secure Sign Mobile is a technology solution allowing the use of a GSM phone for the digital signature. It turns your mobile phone into a personal token that can unlock your private key which is secured by a remote Thales nShield HSM, thus providing a digital signature with legal validity. It avoids all the problems related to the nature of any personal computer used allowing a simple and safe use of web services, etc.

AliasLab Secure Sign Bio is a “graphometric” signature solution, a variation of advanced digital signature using a PAD or tablet able to handle the unique biometric features related to the subscriber’s graphometric features (used to unlock your private key secured by a Thales nShield HSM in the case of digital signature variant). This component is essential within any secure, evolved paperless process.

Mantova, Italy

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