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Certicamara S.A. is a joint-stock company constituted by the Colombian Chambers of Commerce with the aim to provide digital certification, which is regulated by law 527 of 1999, Decree 1747 of 2000 and other national norms that complement, modify or replace the aforementioned. Certicamara is certified within standards of WebTrust, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, and our root certificate is included into principal root certificate programs, such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and Mozilla. Certicamara is an entity for profit that works as an open digital certificate authority that fundamentally intends to provide the necessary tools so that business people and other Internet users can execute safe, legal, electronic business within Colombia (South America).

Certicamara provides PKI technologies in Colombia, the Andean Region and Central America, including Time Stamp services powered by Thales eSecurity, and also sells other authentication solutions like fingerprint authentication against the national database of citizens from National Registry of civil status in Colombia, biometric signature technologies, face recognition in 3D technologies, secured One Time Password (OTP) and diverse security services with legal endorsement in Colombian Law Framework and UNCITRAL directives.


Certicamara partners with Thales eSecurity to provide secure and legal endorsement solutions using nShield Hardware Security Modules in a PKI infrastructure to issue certificates, and also to customers as alternative to protect and encrypt data in the government and financial sectors, integrating these solutions in customers systems and databases.

Bogota, Columbia

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