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Four Js Gerero Cloud

Four Js is a European software company specializing in developer productivity. Its Genero® Enterprise, Genero Cloud, Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer are cross platform development tools for scalable business solutions that run on desktops, webtops, smartphones, tablets and the Cloud. Develop your application once, and it will run everywhere.

Four Js Genero Cloud, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform delivering Genero-based solutions worldwide, includes a comprehensive range of proactively managed services, covering on-boarding, security, service availability, service upgrades, and support for operating system, database, and application operations. Genero Cloud enables you to do what you already do: build industry leading applications with Genero. Everything else is managed by Genero Cloud. Vormetric Transparent Encryption is available for Genero Cloud. For more information visit

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