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As enterprises continue to adopt big data frameworks in their IT environments, keeping the data secure has become a priority. Data now comes from a variety of sources including CRM systems, files, spreadsheets, video, social media, payment data and health records as an example. As the data is being collected from these diverse sources, sensitive information must be protected. Security is also important for the big data framework and the analytics applications. Within the big environment, log files such as system or configuration logs need to be protected and secured. Analytics applications help enterprises understand and visualize insights from their data and can contain the most sensitive assets. Vormetric, the leader in data security solutions that span physical, virtual and cloud environments, offers a comprehensive solution that is specifically tailored for big data environments for optimized data security performance. The Vormetric Data Security Platform centralizes data access policies and key management to protect the entire big data environment, including structured and unstructured data sources, the Hortonworks Data Platform and the output analytics from big data applications


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