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Intercede Group plc is a leading developer and supplier of identity and credential management software. Intercede provides a world class identity solution that unites identity technologies to solve some of the greatest IT security and identity problems in the world. Their vision of "Secure digital identities for everyone, for use everyday" means that when people need access to their PC's and networks, need to securely share information, need to transact, they can - without barriers and with confidence. Intercede Group's software called MyID®, manages the secure registration and vetting of identity data, and issuance and lifecycle management of identity credentials and devices. The combination of secure devices and identity credentials, managed by MyID, are used in a wide range of applications including: Employee photo identification, Physical Building Access control, Logical Access control and strong authentication to PCs and Networks, Personal Identity Verification (PIV), First Responder Access Cards, Real ID; Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC), and National ID/Citizen Cards. This requires the integration of multiple technologies and products from many different vendors, including smart cards, biometrics, PKI certificates and Open Platform applets. Intercede leverages Thales’ nShield HSMs to provide credential and identity management solutions.

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