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Verisec provides solutions within key management, identity management, hardware encryption and services within secure logistics.

Chiave is a key management solution built to support the common key types used by banks and payment processors. Through the Chiave appliance, keys can be generated, stored, imported and exported with an extremely high level of security. In the Chiave family we also offer Chiave RA – for generation of and certificates on a massive scale in smart card production, and Chiave POS - a system for managing personalization of POS terminals. All Chiave products are integrated with Thales nShield Solo PCIe F3 500.

Our identity and access management system Freja comes with an option to integrate Thales nShield Solo, for increased security. Verisec also offers the full range of Thales HSMs and network encryptors to our customers within banking, government and large corporations.

Stockholm, Sweden

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