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ViON is a premier storage solution reseller offering solutions that transparently keep sensitive information secure while maintaining access for only authorized users. With increasing legislation and industry regulation, executives are held accountable for security of the data for which they are responsible. A security breach of unencrypted data is likely to have dramatic effects throughout an organization: loss of customer confidence; loss of revenue; loss of market value; and potentially loss of executive jobs.

ViON offers customers a rich storage solution consisting of best-in-class storage technology offered jointly between Hitachi Data Sytsems, Brocade, and Thales. The solution encrypts storage whether that data is in use, in transit or at rest, and securely and centrally manages the keys, ensuring security, reliability and authorized access to encrypted information, even in the event of a disaster. Tight controls and strong security of ViON’s customer solutions enable organizations to easily pass audits and demonstrate compliance with industry and legislative requirements. ViON and Thales also provide consulting services to make it easier to plan and deploy these encryption solutions. With years of experience standing behind their storage and encryption solutions, the ViON/Thales partnership can assure customers that their data is secure and protected, using the latest encryption technology. The partnership leverages Thales keyAuthority, a hardened appliance that securely manages the encryption keys with strong role-based administration. Thales products are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant providing customer’ the highest levels of tamper resistance and security in the market today.

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