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Insider threats today have shifted to include both traditional insiders with access to critical data as part of their work, privileged users and the compromise of both groups' credentials by sophisticated malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Focused on enterprises, the report details concerns, the status of protection today, and organizations plans to offset these threats. Details report the responses of European organizations as well as comparisons against their US counterparts.

The report reveals key insights into how both European and US organizations prioritize cloud security, data accessibility, privacy violations and compliance requirements as well as strong differences in approach and attitude to the problem. Contrasts between European and US organizations that you'll learn about include:

  • Only 9% of European enterprise businesses feel safe against Insider Threats
  • 66% of European organizations plan to increase budgets
  • Nearly half of European respondents constantly monitor access to sensitive information, compared to only 29 percent of US enterprises
  • 39 percent in European businesses are concerned with abuse of access rights to their data, compared to , 63 percent of US respondents six months ago.

View the full report for complete details and to learn about best practices around protecting your sensitive data from insider threats.

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