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Asia-Pacific Stock Exchange Sets the Encryption Standard with Thales

As one of the Asia-Pacific region’s recognized Stock Exchanges, this organization was challenged by its Government to bring transparency to the country’s capital market. Taking on the challenge, the exchange set up a modern, fully automated screen-based trading system with national reach and has brought about greater transparency, speed & efficiency, safety and market integrity.

Business Challenge

The exchange makes a point to showcase its best-in-class information security solutions. The exchange’s solution architect explained, “The executive management and business teams look to us to set the standard for security. It is for this reason that we have always gone above and beyond what the mandatory regulations require of us; we wanted robust encryption for our personally identifiable information.”

Technical Challenge

With the country’s capital market totally dependent on uninterrupted operations, the spokesperson reflected, “We needed powerful encryption from an effective, mature product that has been developed and tested for several software generations. We also wanted a flexible solution that supports a variety of file types.

“From the beginning of the search process we knew we needed to invest in encryption that would not cause any application-level changes or performance degradation.”


The exchange examined all of the levels at which it could implement encryption and – after zeroing in on the options that also supported data at rest – put all of the possible solutions through a stringent two-phase evaluation process. The architect reported, “We knew Thales is very highly rated but we looked at several other products as well. When we did a head-to-head commercial evaluation of the possible solutions, we found many to be unrealistically expensive for what they offered.

“Only two solutions graduated to the technical proof of concept and Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) by Thales with Vormetric Transparent Encryption was the clear leader. It was faster in terms of the actual encryption, we did not see any lag in applications’ performance, and it was completely stable. This was definitely not the case for the other product we looked at.”

Determined to prevent any interruption to its production operations, the exchange rolled out Vormetric DSM in a test environment to fully define policies and key management configurations. The solutions architect recounted, “We ran exhaustive tests in our simulations and then brought in Thales consultants for the production deployment: We were well prepared and the implementation went perfectly to plan, without incident.”


The exchange’s staff is pleased with the outcome: “The internal audit team – from IT risk and compliance – was involved in the entire process,” the solutions architect noted. “After the proof of concept was complete and we moved into planning the production deployment, we reconnected with them, and they were completely satisfied with the strength of the Thales solution.

“To the delight of my management, Vormetric Transparent Encryption works as promised and the exchange has met its encryption goals with no performance impact or change of any kind; in fact no one on the user side even knows they are accessing encrypted information!” Thales more than meets the exchange’s reliability requirements, the spokesperson stated, “For failover we have a business continuity, fully redundant, mirrored infrastructure in place with Thales seamlessly deployed and protecting our backups too.”

It also is important to the exchange that it can rely on Thales as it expands and scales in the future the architect noted, “We chose Thales because it delivers the latest in encryption technology in a mature product that has proven compatible with every file format we have or may someday implement. We are secure in our future with Thales.”

Recommending Thales To Peers

The exchange is so satisfied with the performance of Thales that the security team has been recommending it to peer organizations. The solutions architect concluded, “Since realizing Vormetric Transparent Encryption’s success in our own environment we have been advocating for it in both across our industry and beyond.”

Cutting-Edge Technology, Stable, Scalable Solution

Business need

  • Setting the standard for information security in country’s financial industry
  • Exceed mandatory compliance requirements

Technology need

  • Experience no change in application performance
  • Deploy a mature, scalable encryption solution, employing cutting-edge technology


  • Vormetric Data Security Manager by Thales
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption by Thales


  • Exchange management and internal audit team acknowledge speed, reliability, and quality of encryption
  • Secure encryption extends to the business continuity environment
  • Thales’ flexibility will enable the exchange to scale in the future
  • Exchange has initiated plans to rollout Vormetric Encryption in other critical applications on a wider scale

About Thales eSecurity

Thales eSecurity is the leader in advanced data security solutions and services that deliver trust wherever information is created, shared or stored. We ensure that the data belonging to companies and government entities is both secure and trusted in any environment – on-premise, in the cloud, in data centers or big data environments – without sacrificing business agility. Security doesn’t just reduce risk, it’s an enabler of the digital initiatives that now permeate our daily lives – digital money, e-identities, healthcare, connected cars and with the internet of things (IoT) even household devices. Thales provides everything an organization needs to protect and manage its data, identities and intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance – through encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, privileged user control and high assurance solutions. Security professionals around the globe rely on Thales to confidently accelerate their organization’s digital transformation. Thales eSecurity is part of Thales Group.