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Privileged accounts and their access credentials represent honeypots for attackers seeking to infiltrate the enterprise from within. As many organizations use shared privileged accounts to maintain limited sets of credentials for select authorized users, attackers target them for their value. Once intercepted, attackers can bypass security controls undetected, and compromise the organization’s most critical systems.

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe and PowerBroker for Windows use Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) from Thales eSecurity to protect privileged account passwords, user sessions, and the data they exchange.

Comprehensive security solutions protect privileged user sessions and secure data-at-rest:

  • Provide multi-layered protection for all privileged accounts
  • Secure session and data from external and internal attacks
  • Improve accountability and control over privileged accounts
  • Reduce security risk and help achieve compliance objectives