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Financial and Operational Benefits of using Datacryptor® R4.02 in your Network

Self Keying is the process that allows Unit Certificates to be created within a Closed User Group instead of receiving them from a Key Production Authority. It also allows the Network Manager to key the unit every year instead of loading many years of key material and sending it out to a remote location; this makes the unit less vulnerable. The Unit Certificates are certified by a Datacryptor Remote Management – Certificate Authority (DCRM-CA) before they can be used.

As well as day to day and operational benefits, Self Keying will bring significant financial benefits. For example, when taking into account the cost of procuring new keys from a Key Production Authority, travel, and in some cases accommodation costs, add to that the labour time in securely distributing and loading new keys the costs soon mount up.

Datacryptor AP devices can be centrally remotely managed; so your network can be controlled at the networks central management facility in a timely and cost effective way. Management can be achieved to each device, either in or out of bandwidth.

Datacryptor is able to support up to 400 security associations simultaneously. This makes meshing your network easy and effective.

Using Datacryptor AP enables a controlled migration from legacy data connectivity options such as ISDN onto more widely available and cheaper modern provisions such as ADSL.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to remotely re-key devices
  • Supports Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Reduces through life costs of security
  • Security function becomes more agile

To learn more about the financial and operational benefits, download the brochure.