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ASAP Program: Success through Partnership

ASAP (Alliance for Solution and Application Providers) is a forum to forge a valuable technological and business relationship between Thales eSecurity and our technology partners.

The ASAP program is designed to yield benefits for both of our companies and ultimately to our mutual customers. As an ASAP Partner you are considered an extension of Thales, which means you have access to the information, tools and resources to ensure you are able to meet our joint customers’ business needs.

Thales has collaborated with solution and application providers in financial services, retail, commercial and government markets for decades. Our joint solutions address a wide range of data protection-related business issues including cloud computing security, regulatory compliance, application security, intellectual property protection, secure credentialing, big data security and device credentialing for the emerging Internet of Things.

Thales product lines that provide high assurance cryptographic services critical to these solutions include:

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that provide a hardened, tamper-resistant environment for performing secure cryptographic processing, key protection, and key management
  • Remote HSM management and monitoring products that facilitate deployment in lights-out data centers
  • Key management products that enable organizations to centralize and automate administration of encryption keys across multiple classes of encrypting devices
  • Network encryption products that deliver secure, low latency, high performance end-to-end connectivity for IPsec, Link and Layer 2 encryption, and High Grade Government encryption
  • Time stamping products that provide the ability to enforce nonrepudiation for electronic signing, to verify data and application integrity, and to ensure long-term auditability of electronic records

Working with Thales means a partnership with a recognized world leader in security and data protection.

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