Cloudhesive Releases Innovative Suite Of Cloud Managed Services Leveraging Vormetric

As a leading multi-vendor cloud managed services provider, Florida-based CloudHesive is focused on helping companies realize the compelling benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure. Jim Walker, CloudHesive’s CEO, explained, “The advantages are very clear and our goal is to make the transition to a cloud ecosystem completely painless.”

CloudHesive offers a broad portfolio of cloud-related services that allow a company to concentrate on running their own business, and removes concerns related to the complexities of managing an unfamiliar operating environment.


Initially focused on the financial service and healthcare industries, CloudHesive is now attracting the attention of a wide range of sectors. As with any Internetrelated undertaking, security is always a major consideration. “Understanding the measures we take to protect data is probably the single biggest question we get asked,” stated Walker. “To further complicate things, the diversity of our clients, and, by extension, the variety of data we manage, means that we have to comply with a broad set of regulatory requirements, including PCI-DSS and HIPAA, as well as the applicable ISO and SSAE mandates.”


As a highly experienced executive in the managed services business, Walker implemented a solution in which he already had familiarity and confidence: “The team at my previous company performed a tremendous amount of research to determine the optimal way to handle encryption. When we created CloudHesive, using Vormetric Data Security Manager was a decision we really didn’t have to waste any time over!”

The flexibility and ease of deployment of Vormetric Data Security Manager dovetails perfectly with CloudHesive’s services model: “We can offer a robust set of security solutions for not only our own deployments where we completely host client environments in our own cloud but also for hybrid and customers’ on-premise infrastructures.”


Thales eSecurity’s imperceptibly low transactional overhead is one of the factors that make it the encryption solution of choice for custodians of sensitive data across the world. “Thales eSecurity provides us with an ideal platform on which to build,” noted Walker. “We’ve been able to create a sophisticated suite of services, all encrypted without any detectable impact on user throughput or response times. Also, we are able to utilize the solution’s powerful separation of duty features to maintain independence between vendors; dramatically increasing the security posture of each client.”

Implementing Vormetric Data Security Manager automatically addresses the complex issue of handling client data in a manner that is compliant with all of the requirements mandated by the governing bodies of each industry. “Thales eSecurity’s flexible approach means that we don’t need to have knowledge of the nature or format of each client’s data. Our whole business model would be impacted if this wasn’t the case,” reflected Walker.

Fundamentally Superior

“The merits of the Thales eSecurity solution really are compelling; so much so, that we’ve launched a new ‘Encryption as a Service’ [EaaS] offering. This allows clients to maintain control of their own environment in-house and be fully protected by an industrial-strength encryption service, built on the Thales eSecurity platform, and delivered by CloudHesive,” described Walker.

CloudHesive delivers its EaaS solution using highly available clusters of key management appliances, administered by the company’s team of cloud security engineers. Security policies are custom designed for each client to exactly fit their unique requirements. Walker commented, “The level of granularity that we have with Thales eSecurity allows us to offer directory- and user-level encryption, and to stipulate who has access to every single element of data. Another big selling point is that the keys are stored offsite, so neither the customer’s cloud provider nor CloudHesive have access to any client data; this is yet another example of how we reassure prospects that they can entrust us with their business.”

The architecture of Thales eSecurity enables encryption to be deployed across hugely diverse environments without need for customization or complex implementation procedures. “Our clients can integrate the CloudHesive Encryption as a Service solution with whichever provider they prefer; including Amazon, IBM-SoftLayer, Rackspace, and even at their own co-location center.”

Walker concluded, “We always have to answer the question of how a client’s data is going to be encrypted in the cloud but the strength of Thales eSecurity’s reputation and the superiority of its solutions allows us to quickly make this a non-issue.”

“There are many companies in the cloud managed services sector but we differentiate ourselves through quality and innovation. The amazing flexibility of Vormetric Data Security Manager, coupled with its ability to flawlessly deliver enterprise-grade encryption, gives CloudHesive the agility to scale and to stay ahead.”