Fujitsu Americas Business Critical Application gets Industrial Strength Protection with Vormetric Encryption

Founded in 1935, Fujitsu Limited is the fourth-largest IT services provider in the world, employing 162,000 staff across more than 100 countries. Ranked many times as one of FORTUNE’s “Most Admired Companies” and a longstanding member of the “FORTUNE Global 500”, it reported worldwide revenues of US$46 billion for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2014.

The Americas region of Fujitsu offers clients an extensive suite of business technology services, cloud services, computing platforms, and industry solutions to customers in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, South America and Mexico. Approximately 7,000 employees are spread throughout the various countries in the Americas region, with R&D centers and data center facilities including locations in California, North Carolina, Texas, Saskatchewan and Québec.

A highly-regarded component of the Fujitsu Americas services portfolio is a comprehensive set of service desk capabilities that provide compelling outsourcing options to companies from all industries and of all sizes. Albert Avila, business solutions specialist at Fujitsu America, Inc. , commented, “We are the preferred outsourcer for more than 2,000 customers worldwide and answer more than 1.5 million calls each month. Clients can sign up for a variety of services, including having us host their servers, perform network management, and run their in-house service desk. All of these activities get logged and tracked in our own ticketing system.”


In addition to recording call-specific information, the ticketing system is frequently used as a repository for code and data elements that are pertinent to a client’s issue. Avila explained, “While we aren’t subject to the same mandates typically imposed on industries like healthcare or financial institutions, we are highly sensitive to our responsibilities to secure any personal information that may be inadvertently uploaded to our database during the execution of normal diagnostics and problem resolution activities.”

“As such, Fujitsu took a proactive approach with regard to security and confidentiality and began looking for an encryption solution to mitigate any potential issues ensuring the integrity of our client data.”


“We investigated a number of possible solutions and ultimately selected Thales eSecurity® Encryption as the best solution for our business,” Avila said.

A proof of concept was conducted, which emulated the primarily Microsoft®-based architecture of the service desk environment. “Piloting Thales eSecurity Encryption was very uneventful, which is exactly the way we like it, and we were able to quickly assess the solution against all of our evaluation criteria, including performance, end-user impact, ease of use and transparency,” said Avila. “It was apparent that we made the right choice.”


The intuitive Thales eSecurity interface and straightforward administration requirements allow any changes to the infrastructure and team members to be made very expediently. “From an encryption perspective, it’s a trivial task to add more hardware or to bring someone new up to speed. Actually, since the original proof of concept installation, we have only had to make minor adjustments to the platform’s configuration, which is something we really value,” stated Avila.

Encryption is performed throughout the Fujitsu environment, including replicated database instances. Avila remarked, “Despite how pervasively we’re encrypting data, users have no idea what is being done. Performance issues were originally a major consideration for us: our users are very demanding and we interpret the total lack of any negative feedback to be a great success.”

“Because we had the Thales eSecurity solution in place, we were able to quickly and effectively onboard new clients, including those with contractual requirements for encryption. The initial driver to implement encryption was to safeguard sensitive data that had been uploaded to our systems, and since then, we’ve highlighted this capability as a standard part of our strategy.”

Protecting Data Integrity is Critical: Thales eSecurity Makes it Look Easy

Avila concluded, “With the continually increasing number and sophistication of Web-based threats, data encryption has become a necessity. Our ticketing system is internet-facing so the integrity of data is something I’m constantly thinking about. We were very nervous going into this: The system is a core part of our business – we bill per ticket – so any impact on our ability to perform is a big deal. Thales eSecurity encryption more than lives up to expectations and enables me to focus on the more demanding aspects of my role.”