Vormetric provides Systems East with new security and added confidence

Systems East, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive finance, billing and collection solutions, was established in 1981. Today, it specializes in the development and support of finance and collection applications both in Microsoft Windows and cloud-based environments. The company is headquartered in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

Through Xpress-pay, Systems East has experienced a steady, controlled growth. As a direct result of its continued expansion, the company elevated its security protocols to PCI DSS Level 1, the highest in the industry. Over the last several years, the volume of payment transactions processed through Xpress-pay and Xpress-pay Mobile, the company’s integrated ePayment solutions, has increased exponentially. The dramatic throughput upsurge is due both to the continual introduction of new capabilities, such as the recurring payments functionality, and the attraction of new clients.

Business Challenge

“As a payment facilitator, we regularly encounter sensitive consumer information, and respect our obligation to do all we can to ensure its integrity and security” explained Peter Rogati, Systems East’s Director of Support. “Beyond the financial network’s demand for a high level of security, our continued success depends on it. The processing infrastructure and company culture must both rise to the task and encryption is one of the imperatives.

Technical Challenge

Although many of its clients do not mandate Level 1 compliance, it is a requirement for the majority of larger financial institutions. The company therefore elected to meet and where possible, exceed the broader scope of PCI data security requirements.This included certification with Visa Cardholder Security Program (CISP), MasterCard Site Data protection program, American Express Data Security Standards and Discover Cards DISC program.


As Systems East researched encryption solutions for Xpress-pay, it looked for reliability, ease of implementation and cost value. Rogati noted, “The expense associated with implementing an additional level of security was not originally in our budget, but we were obligated to make a sound decision and begin implementation.”

“I researched several different companies and Vormetric was the only one that was diligent in making sure that I was well-informed and properly equipped to make such an important decision. Its staff was patient, and thoroughly answered any and all questions; they really made me feel confident that Vormetric was right for us.”

Xpress-pay relied on Vormetic’s professional services for implementation, but according to Rogati, “They didn’t require as many hours as first thought: Despite allotting three days, it actually only took a day and a half. Everything we needed to encrypt was completed smoothly and without incident.”

Rogati pointed out, “One advantage to Vormetric was its ability to combine file-level encryption and key management into a fully integrated package. It really is transparent to our programmers and users.”


According to Rogati, “Xpress-pay has experienced virtually no degradation of services while running the application: Once I became familiar with the solution and transitioned from ‘learn mode’ to going live, the whole system never missed a beat.

Now that Systems East is PCI Level 1 compliant, Rogati anticipates that the company’s solutions will appeal to an even broader set of clients,including the most discerning customers requiring the highest level of compliance.

Vormetric Secures Data for Xpress-Pay

“With Vormetric, we feel we have the best product out there – not just that it was fairly priced, but the best-in-class solution to keep our own information and our customers’ data highly secure, and with a high degree of control,” summarized Rogati.