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Remote HSM Manager

Reducing operating costs for HSM 8000 & Payshield 9000 management

The traditional method of managing hardware security modules (HSMs) directly inside a secure data centre is becoming more costly and does not provide the flexibility required of a modern business. The key and device management features supported by the latest breed of Thales HSMs are extensive and benefit from an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) rather than the traditional 'dumb console'.

Organizations that are involved in payment card issuing and transaction processing often have HSMs located in multiple data centers, each with severely restricted access. Combined with the challenge of scheduling the visits of the security staff to the data centers for routine device management changes, the task of performing effective HSM key management soon becomes very challenging.

Remote HSM Manager is a comprehensive solution from Thales which enables security teams to perform all tasks linked to key and device management from a central remote location, avoiding the need to travel to the data centre. It delivers operational cost savings in addition to making the task of managing HSMs more flexible and on-demand.

Learn more about the benefits of the Remote HSM Manager by downloading the data sheet.