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Thales Certified Solution Developer (nCSD) Training

Thales hardware security modules (HSMs) provide a unique foundation for securing data and protecting identities. Integrating HSMs with your security-sensitive applications and data requires that developers have a thorough understanding of HSMs and how best to integrate them with your applications and architecture.

Thales Certified Solution Developer Training enables your team to quickly learn the skills needed to build, test, and deploy HSM applications using Thales HSMs from the nCipher product line. Certification helps ensure your developers are ready to leverage the complete capabilities of Thales HSMs, allowing your team to deliver projects faster and on budget.

Thales training exposes developers to the broad capabilities of Thales HSMs and their available integration interfaces. In two days of training, developers learn the full range of application programming interfaces (APIs) available.

Thales has an enviable reputation in the field of data protection, with over 40 years of experience. Thales Advanced Services Group is the professional services department within the Thales eSecurity business. With a worldwide team of security consultants, ASG are well placed to offer expert advice and training on all Thales hardware security devices, giving you the confidence to deploy efficiently and effectively.

  • Accelerate application development
  • Reduce development costs
  • Advance the security and performance of your applications
  • Leverage knowledge from thousands of deployments worldwide

To learn more about eLearning Modules, download the data sheet.