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Thales eLearning Modules

Build HSM Product Management Skills to Optimize Your Operations

Thales eLearning modules will help you understand how to complete key administrative tasks, accelerating your deployment and improving the value of your HSM investment.

Thales eLearning modules provide our HSM customers with the knowledge needed to complete common technical tasks, which will help you install, configure, and maintain your HSMs. Using real-world examples and a step-by-step process, the web-based modules will help you develop the confidence and skills to successfully manage your environment.

Thales eLearning focuses on building the skills and confidence trainees need to deploy and manage their own systems successfully. Learning focuses on real-world use cases to develop competence and teach the fundamental principles and technical details of installing, configuring, and maintaining Thales HSMs.

Thales eLearning is broken down into basic modules that closely follow best practices in configuration, installation, update, and management of HSMs within real-world networks.

Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Accelerate your deployment
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Leverage knowledge from hundreds of deployments worldwide
  • Improve compliance

Thales eLearning content is designed for those involved in the planning, deployment, and operations of hardware security modules. Given the high uptake of HSMs in the Public Key Infrastructure, PKI administrators can also use the information for planning and developing their key generation scripts and business continuity planning.

To learn more about eLearning Modules, download the data sheet.