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Evolution at the Speed of Technology, from '73 to Multi Cloud Security 2017|April|EMEA

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Evolution at the Speed of Technology, from '73 to Multi Cloud Security
Encryption; From Then to Now
GETS Report
The Evolution of Encryption
The roots of encryption go deep into human history. Encryption has been used for centuries to encode messages, usually to keep government secrets, but also to protect business or trade secrets such as the formula to make...
Alan Kessler | CEO
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Blockchain: From Cyberpayments to Distributed Ledger
Peter Galvin | VP, Strategy & Marketing
In the short period that blockchain has been around, the distributed ledger technology has spread from cybercurrency to a wide number of applications in the financial industry. Cost savings, faster transactions, and improved...
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Security in the Multi-Cloud Era
C.J Radford | VP of Cloud
As organisations are deciding where best to run their applications and store their data, many are debating whether to work with a single cloud service provider (CSP), or to work with two or more. According to...
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Securing the Mobile Payment Revolution
Jose Diaz | Dr. of Technical & Strategic Business Development
On April 3, 1973, Motorola employee Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call. Cooper used the opportunity to call Joel Engel, a competitor at AT&T, to tell him he had an operational mobile phone. Without knowing it, Cooper set...
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