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HSM Trifecta: AWS, Azure, and Google Key Management 2017|February|APAC

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HSM Trifecta: AWS, Azure, and Google Key Management
Delivering Trust in Blockchain - What Does That Mean?
RSA 2017 and Our Opportunities to Lead
RSA Conference 2017 was last week, and could data security be any more relevant today? I know I could say that every year – indeed in the lead up to RSA Conference 2016, I wrote about people recognizing data breaches as part of their daily lives. But a lot can happen in a year...
Alan Kessler | CEO
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New Solutions and Vision for Google Cloud Platform & Microsoft Azure Key Management – RSA Conference 2017
Charles Goldberg | Sr Director, Product Marketing
Governments do ask cloud providers to hand over their customers’ data. Last week there was another reminder when a Federal Court said Google must turn over data in foreign servers. This reminder underlies...
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Quantum Resistance – Algorithm Flexibility Practicalities
Mark Jones |
In order to protect our data in the medium term the algorithms and protocols used must be resistant to developments in Quantum Computing that could result in many conventional public key algorithms becoming breakable – that is ...
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Delivering Trust for Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers
Peter Galvin | VP, Strategy & Marketing
It’s no secret that blockchain was one of the most impactful technology stories of 2016. Offering game-changing benefits over legacy systems, blockchain promises fast, immutable transactions at much lower cost for ...
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