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451 Research: Cloud partnership program playing a growing role in Thales e-Security new encryption business

The 451 Take

It is becoming increasing common for technology vendors – particularly those whose software or hardware represents a specialized, valuable component of an enterprise infrastructure environment – to view cloud service providers as an important market and channel. This especially true as hybrid cloud models continue to blur lines between public and private, internal and hosted infrastructure resources. Most service providers, outside the small set of hyperscale public clouds, view their role as being more closely tied to service delivery than infrastructure operations. Security and compliance are at the top of that list, and are strong objectives for managed services. 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise cloud computing study rates security and compliance as the two most significant barriers to the adoption of cloud. The opportunity for security technology vendors in the managed hosting marketing is strong – likewise, the opportunity for service providers in developing managed offerings around these specific facets of infrastructure operations. The success of Thales e-Security cloud partner program is a useful indicator of this.