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Safeguarding Sensitive Data in VMware Environments

Today, your organization has to safeguard sensitive assets against broadening and increasingly sophisticated set of threats, including privileged user abuse and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. As your organization grows increasingly reliant on VMware, your security challenges grow in complexity and scale. In dynamic VMware environments, sensitive data grows increasingly mobile, consistently being migrated and copied across many virtual machines and spread across the storage infrastructure, and an increasingly diverse mix of physical platforms and operating systems.

If your organization has VMware running in cloud environments, these challenges can be even more complex, forcing you to contend with additional layers of administrative privileges associated with the cloud provider’s staff. In addition, you have to guard against the potential for inadvertent or malicious access from other tenants within a multi-tenant cloud environment. These risks point to the critical need to secure sensitive data as it resides on virtual systems and as it is in transit through the virtual environment.

With Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales eSecurity, you can safeguard your critical data within your VMware environments and across your enterprise.