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The Race to Secure the Cloud 2.0

Best Practices in Cryptography and Key Management Create Competitive Advantage When Securing the Cloud

Enterprises and government agencies are attracted to the agility, scalability and potential cost savings offered by cloud computing and storage, but protection of sensitive data remains a concern. Considering the privacy mandates and compliance requirements facing most organizations, they need trusted partners who can help secure their high-value and high-risk assets.

A number of best practices have become firmly established which mean cloud providers don’t have to reinvent the wheel. These tried and tested design approaches can be considered to be 'standards of due care' for any cloud provider that wants to turn their use of cryptography from a business liability into a marketing asset and for any cloud consumer that wants to stay in control. The list, which was developed by Thales eSecurity based on practical experience, is not exhaustive but does provide a solid baseline for those assessing cryptographic security.

For a list of Standards of Due Care for Cryptographic Security, download the solution brief.