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Sepaton S2100®-ES3 Backup and Recovery Platform and Thales e-Security keyAuthority®

Backup environments cannot afford to slow down when encryption is deployed across Sepaton S2100-ES3 appliances. To maintain high performance and ensure reliable key management, Sepaton and Thales have joined to offer a complete solution that enforces security policies and provides clear auditing over keys, without impacting data backup and restore performance.

Protecting sensitive data is critical for complying with regulatory mandates and meeting service level agreements. But large scale enterprises that rely on high-performance backup and restore cannot slow down and complicate operations when introducing encryption.

The S2100-ES3 provides encryption of data at rest without performance penalty and integrates with keyAuthority through industry-standard OASIS KMIP for reliable key lifecycle management. The combined solution enables enterprises and government agencies to take advantage of interoperability across encryption applications and the key management appliance to achieve greater economies.