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Vormetric Data Security Enhances Security Intelligence

Some of the most effective tools for fighting attacks are the threat and security intelligence capabilities of Security Intelligence and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. SIEM solutions monitor both real-time events and a mountain of long term data to find anomalous patterns of usage, qualify possible threats to reduce false positives, and alert organizations when needed.

Combine Vormetric Data Security with a Security Intelligence and Event Management solution to protect what matters:

  • Pinpoint unusual patterns of user access to protected data that indicate malware (or a malicious internal user) could be stealing data
  • Detect possible malware or malicious insiders making unauthorized access attempts (Vormetric also blocks the attempts – even from root or super user level users)
  • Monitor process access to protected data for anomalous patterns of use that could indicate a process has been co-opted by malware
  • Identify attacks on the Vormetric Data Security Management appliance from unauthorized users

To learn more about how Vormetric Security Intelligence works with SIEM vendors to accelerate behind the perimeter threat detection, download the solution brief.