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SAP HANA is easily one of the world’s most advanced data management, transaction processing and analytic solutions. A highly diverse environment with flexible deployment models, making sure that data-at-rest is properly secured to meet compliance requirements, privacy mandates and best practices requires similarly advanced and flexible tools, such as Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • The challenges that enterprises encounter with protecting data-at-rest in SAP HANA – Including those driven by escalating threats, compliance, regulation, needs for protecting IP and financial data, as well as legally sanctioned access to remote data stores.
  • The critical solution elements for protecting SAP HANA data-at-rest – regardless of the solution chosen
  • How Vormetric Transparent Encryption can help organizations to keep SAP HANA data secure – With an easily deployed and managed solution that can keep pace with data protection requirements across your entire SAP HANA data architecture
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