2017 Data Threats – The Big Disconnect

Spending on IT security to protect data is up - sharply in some sectors – yet successful data breaches are also up significantly. Clearly, there’s still a big disconnect. In this webinar And Kicklighter with Thales eSecurity, and four time prime mover behind the Thales Data Threat Report, reviews the detailed findings of the just released 2017 Data Threat Report – Global Edition with an emphasis about the data threats that enterprises are experiencing, what they are doing to secure their data and actionable recommendations that enterprises can use today to secure their sensitive data from data threats.

  • IT Security spending is increasing at 73% of enterprises driven by compliance and data security concerns
  • Data breaches at enterprises are also up - with 68% of enterprises experiencing a breach, 26% in the last year
  • What’s behind the big disconnect? And what should you be doing?
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