Future Proof Your Network: EMV, Mobile and the Cloud are Here

Now is the time for financial issuers to develop a future payments strategy that will enable you to migrate efficiently and quickly to EMV chip based technology, and adapt to stay competitive in this period of high disruption.

The EMV liability shift is fast approaching in the United States. Along with the emerging trend towards innovative mobile payment solutions, this means that core infrastructures need to be enhanced to support new payment methods and channels – often with additional security, risk and lifecycle requirements. 

Attendees will learn:

    • Facts vs. myths about EMV and how it reduces fraud

    • How the top 5 short-term challenges of EMV migration can be solved

    • The versatility of EMV and real-world examples of how it facilitates so much more than fraud reduction

    • EMV uses beyond cards – mobile (NFC) payments & host card emulation (HCE)

    • Examples of Bell ID and Thales eSecurity deployments for EMV card and mobile payments

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