The Future of Securing Data Storage

In today’s digital world, data can be an organization’s most valuable asset—an asset that is growing exponentially and an asset that is relentlessly facing security threats. Effectively managing and securing an organization’s data requires a mix of several elements, not the least of which are ease of use, efficiency, reliability, agility, and of course trust. How these elements are combined and implemented is open to interpretation as well as ongoing evolution. In this session, we’ll provide some level-setting on the current state of data security, outline today’s best practices, and take our best shot at providing a vision as to where data storage security is heading.


  • Threats to data security (Thales 2019 Data Threat Report)
  • Encryption fundamentals
  • Key management fundamentals
  • Storage fundamentals
  • Data security challenges within storage and key considerations/best practices
  • A vision of storing data in the future

Speakers: Blake Wood (Thales eSecurity) and Vaughn Stewart (Pure Storage)

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