From leaky apps to trusted agents – Cryptography to the rescue! (Webcast)

During this webcast, we will look not only at protecting the integrity of applications but also to securing them as they execute and guarding the secrets they use. We’ll cover developments in the area of key management and tips for deploying hardware security modules (HSM) so that your applications can earn the trust they deserve.

Software applications have access to your most critical data assets and form the core of your security infrastructure. Whether processing transactions, managing credentials, guarding your best kept secrets or crunching your data analytics your applications represent an attractive target and need to be locked down. Applications can be abused, subtly modified or aggressively attacked in an attempt to access the data you entrusted to them. Now with the race to virtualization, cloud computing and widespread mobility the threats to application security can only get worse.

Cryptographic tools such as encryption have been used to protect data for years but how strong is that encryption? Can it just be turned off? Can data be extracted long before it is encrypted or can keys be stolen without a trace, enabling attackers to crack the code at their leisure?

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