Webcast: The Data Security Offense Playbook

A joint webcast featuring EMA, Thales e-Security and Intel Security

By now, we all recognize the need of securing our data against the inevitable breach – but in doing so, is the business being put at risk in other ways? Often times putting security in place means the IT and security departments having to take a lot of time to learn, deploy, fine-tune and monitor the solution, effectively ‘back-burnering” initiatives that can drive the business forward. This can ultimately costs the business money. What security makes sense and it there a way to make it transparent to the IT and security manager? With more data in more places being more critical than ever, is it possible to deploy effective security that leverages and works in conjunction with your existing environment AND provides a great user experience for IT and the business?

Join us for this webcast where we will frame this increasing problem that often pits the business & IT folks against each other. Gain real knowledge into the issues confronting bot, as well as real ways to solve some of the most daunting security issues without hitting the speed bumps to the business.


David Monahan, EMA
Michael Rothschild, Thales e-Security
Nina Khachatourian, Intel Security

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