Webcast: Global Compliance and Data encryption: obligation, or opportunity?

As recent cases have highlighted, data protection authorities in Europe are taking an increasingly hard line with businesses that lose personal data. And forthcoming EU data protection reforms will make the penalties even more severe.

Businesses can, and should, be taking steps to comply with global data protection laws, and there is a strong business case for doing more than the bare minimum to protect customer or citizen data.

But information security teams need to over-reliance on any one protection measure, even when that measure, such as encryption, is increasingly demanded by law makers.

In this webinar we will cover global compliance and its effects including:

  • the changing regulatory landscape around personal data
  • the role of encryption in protecting data
  • the importance of access controls and data segregation
  • how to create a robust, but practical, policy framework around data protection;
  • the business benefits of good data protection practice.


  • Stephen Pritchard: Contributing Editor, Infosecurity Magazine
  • Rik Turner: Senior Analyst, Ovum
  • Stewart Room: Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
  • Derek Tumulak: Vormetric Inc
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