Webcast: Lock Down: How to Keep your Important Data Safe in the Cloud

For security reasons, cloud computing presents a huge dilemma: How do you embrace the benefits of the cloud while maintaining security controls over your organization’s assets? It is difficult to determine whether the increased risks are truly worth the agility and economic benefits.

This shift in control is the #1 reason why new data security approaches and techniques are required. When an outside party owns, controls and manages infrastructure and computational resources, how can you be assured that sensitive data remains private and secure, that your organization is protected from damaging data breaches, and that you can still satisfy the full range of reporting, compliance and regulatory requirements?

In this session you will learn how to proactively address security in the cloud so that your organization isn’t next week’s data breach headline.


Drew Amorosi, InfoSecurity Magazine, Deputy Editor

CJ Radford, Vormetric, VP of Cloud

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