Webcast: Protect What Matters - The Data

With data breaches now a statistical certainty and traditional perimeter security failing to prevent the breach, data has become a very real currency. Almost every organisation has sensitive information where employees with boundless privilege to access sensitive data present the greatest risk. As a result, organisations are now turning to protect what matters – the data.

  • The reality of the threat to your organisation in 2014 and how these threats are growing ever more sophisticated and harder to detect
  • How to protect what matters internally and externally with advanced encryption and fine-grained access control
  • Current regulatory compliance rules that focus on the protection of critical sensitive personal data or intellectual property
  • How Vormetric Data Security reduces the impact of a data breach by helping enterprises achieve application and transparent encryption and key management compliance by protecting both structured and unstructured data in a heterogeneous environment.

Featured Speaker:

Liam Ryan,
Channel Manager, EMEA, Thales e-Security

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