Webcast: The Right Tools for the Job: Encryption for Data-at-Rest in Back-End Systems

Are You Deploying The Best Tool To Solve Your Security Challenges?

Warning: Latest Research Shows Full Disk Encryption is being misapplied in too many cases leaving companies with a false sense of security.

And you may only make this discovery when it is too late

According to a recent Aberdeen analyst report, FDE solutions are not addressing the most common threats found in back-end systems. In fact FDE secures less than 20% of threats in back-end systems, like your data center.

Join us to learn about the analytic approach, results, and recommendations on how to address the most common risks faced by both end-points and back-end systems.


charles goldberg

Charles Goldberg,
Sr. Dir. of Product Marketing, Vormetric,

derek brink

Derek Brink,
CISSP, VP & Research Fellow, Aberdeen Group

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