Webcast: SC Magazine 2015 The Year of Securing Big Data and Cloud Environments

2015: The Year of Securing Big Data and Cloud Environments.

2015 will mark a pivotal year in the adoption of Big Data and Cloud within the enterprise.

Critical to embracing this approach will be securing data in these environments. Questions such as access by 3rd party cloud providers to your data and the sharing of sensitive information within Big Data environments, need to be effectively addressed.

Join Thales eSecurity for an educational session that will present an effective approach to securely embracing these technologies. During a 45 minutes session, Sol Cates, CSO of Thales eSecurity discusses the changes happening to data as part of this exponential growth. Using real life illustrations, Sol will investigate:

  • The shift taking place within the traditional enterprise environments driving the adoption of Big Data and Cloud
  • The drivers to securing sensitive enterprise data as a result of this exponential adoption and growth including: Compliance, Current threat landscape, New areas of vulnerability
  • The unique data security risks to organisations when utilising Cloud and Big Data solutions
  • Why protecting the data is critical to the success or failure of enterprise engagements
  • Ultimately, why securing the data within these environments is now mission critical to the security of your business

Featured Speaker:

Sol Cates, CSO, Thales eSecurity

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