Webcast: Scalability & Security – Will we always be playing catch-up?

(A Joint Nutanix – Thales e-Security Webcast)

With more organizations operating anywhere and everywhere, the question plaguing both business and IT titles alike is, how do I scale my infrastructure AND my security to keep up with the demands of my business. A more heterogeneous user base in more locations using more cloud based applications – both public and private - and transferring huge amounts of data. Is it even possible to ensure always-on capabilities while also being secure?

Join us for this exciting webcast where we will talk about the security and scalability challenges that organizations face as well as the enterprise cloud concept – the new approach many organizations are turning to in order to ensure secure “any-to-any service”. Any app, anywhere, anytime, always secured.


Michael Rothschild, Thales e-Security
Rohit Goyal, Nutanix

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