Webcast: The Threat from Within: What Can We Learn from the Edward Snowden Affair?

Edward Snowden was a ‘privileged user’, and these users exist within all organizations. Root users, domain administrators, system administrators or other high-level IT personnel often have powerful and privileged access rights.

Although they require a high level of access to perform their job functions, there are significant security issues that arise when these users also have access to data stored within computer systems, and the ability to read, copy, or alter documents and other files. This webinar will delve into the details of insider threats, exploring the risks posed by privileged users and incorporating newly released research that will show the impact this threat is having on enterprises, while discussing methods to overcome it.

During this webinar you will:

  • Examine the latest research findings into insider threats
  • Understand what a privileged user is and why they present a risk to enterprises
  • See what can be learned from the Edward Snowden affair – the privileges he had and how they were abused
  • Find out how privileged users can be exploited by outside attackers
  • Discover the best methods to overcome insider threats and prevent privileged users from unauthorized access


  • Drew Amorosi, Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine
  • Sol Cates, Chief Security Officer, Vormetric
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