eIDAS Compliant Solutions

Service providers who issue digital certificates, time stamps, or digital signatures can use Thales nShield HSMs as a part of an eIDAS compliant solution


Service providers who issue digital certificates, time stamps, or digital signatures can use Thales nShield HSMs as a part of an eIDAS compliant solution.

eIDAS is a EU regulation that establishes standards for electronic identities, authentication and signatures. The goal of the Regulation is to encourage the creation of a single European market for secure electronic commerce.

The eIDAS Regulation applies to government bodies and businesses that provide online services to European citizens, and that recognize or use identities, authentication, or signatures.

eIDAS requires that government and public commercial services recognize standard signature formats and pan-European identities. This applies to services associated with tax statements, insurance contracts, banking agreements, business-to-business electronic invoicing and pharmaceutical records. It also applies to commercial services that require a EU identity, for example, so-called “know your customer” services in banking. In addition, any trust services associated with these activities will be regulated by eIDAS.

Thales Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) Serve as Root of Trust

Thales nShield HSMs serve as the root of trust for cryptographic data protection systems by providing a tamper-resistant environment for generating and managing encryption and signing keys and for running sensitive code.

Thales nShield HSMs Comply with eIDAS Standards

Thales has earned Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ (AVA_VAN.5) certification, which recognizes nShield HSMs as Secure Signature Creation Devices (SSCDs). HSMs with this certification and SSCD recognition are compliant with the EU's eIDAS regulations designed to ensure that digital signatures, time stamps, and other transactional data comply with cross-border standards.

The Importance of Certification

Service providers can use nShield HSMs to issue digital certificates, time stamps, or digital signatures as a part of eIDAS compliant solutions.

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