Federal Government Defense Agencies

Vormetric Data Security solutions help the U.S. Government Department of Defense comply with all requirements wherever it keeps data.


The DoD has challenges of sharing critical data related to mission, supply chain, finance and personnel across departments as well as with coalition partners. This does not come without risk and presents multiple opportunities for cyber attacks to capitalize on vulnerabilities to access critical data that may impact mission success or the lives of our warfighters.

  • Insider threats, such as those illustrated by Snowden and Manning
  • Stolen credentials
  • Advanced persistent threats (APTs)
Agency Operations
  • The need for large scale deployments as well as tactical agile compute environments
  • The need to move to the Cloud while maintaining data center operations
  • Allowing secure access to data across communities of interest in a Big Data environment
  • Data center consolidation (joint information environment [JIE] and joint regional security stack [JRSS]) are impacting decisions relative to consolidation
  • Closing “air gaps” in storage infrastructure to reduce risk and mobility during mission
  • Tight time frames and budgets
Military/Defense Operations

Securing mission driving information, such as:

  • Forward deployed IT at the theater edge
  • Mobile field units, including drones and other hardware
Thales eSecurity Solutions Overview

Vormetric Data Security solutions help the DoD comply with all these requirements wherever they keep data through:

  1. Data-at-rest encryption
  2. Secure chain of custody and least privilege
  3. Removing data access from privileged roles such as Sysadmin and Root to mitigate insider threat
  4. Suppressing field values in database/big data scenarios to protect critical mission and personal data
The Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform is an extensible infrastructure that delivers centralized key and policy management for a suite of data security solutions that secure your organization’s sensitive and regulated data wherever it resides. The result is low total cost of ownership, as well as simple, efficient deployment and operation.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption provides file and volume level data-at-rest encryption, secure key management and access controls required by regulation and compliance regimes.

Benefits Overview

Vormetric Data Security solutions:

  • Are rapid deployment to gain concise mission alignment
  • Meet or exceed IC related requirements relative to cryptographic standards (i.e. Suite B)
  • Deploy a strategic, data-centric approach for the enterprise

The Thales eSecurity platform installs seamlessly across Windows, LINUX, and UNIX operating systems with a very low impact to compute resources and no impact to storage or the network.


Vormetric security solutions are designed to help you comply with:

  • The government’s mandate for encryption
  • Major standards and regulations such as FedRAMP, NIST 800-53, FIPS (up to level 3) and FISMA
  • Common Criteria
  • Others that will arise
Quick and Easy to Install No Matter what your OS

Thales eSecurity works with the DoD to install its Vormetric Data Security solutions in days/weeks rather than months. The Thales eSecurity solutions work with most major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX and Windows servers in physical, virtual, cloud and big data environments.

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