2019 Thales Data Threat Report Healthcare Edition

Research and analysis from IDC

The digital transformation of healthcare organizations is putting sensitive patient data at risk. Learn what IT and security professionals say about these challenges and get key takeaways from IDC.

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Healthcare organizations universally use digital transformation technologies with sensitive data

“As healthcare providers continue to place greater amounts of their data in the cloud, they must adopt new data security strategies. Even selecting a top-tier cloud provider doesn’t remove the burden of an organization doing its part to provide data security, and this starts with encryption, authentication, and access management.” – IDC

Key Healthcare Security Statistics


Use sensitive data on digitally transformative technologies


or less use data encryption within these environments


Report they have been breached at any point in their history, the highest of any U.S. vertical studied


2019 Global Data Threat Report

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing business operations in today's enterprises – and that's putting sensitive data at risk. Find out how moving to the cloud or multi-cloud environments as part of this digital transformation journey makes protecting sensitive data increasingly complex.

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2018 Data Threat Report - Healthcare

With some of the most valuable personal data about their patients and customers available anywhere, healthcare organizations have become prime targets for criminal hacking. Find out how healthcare’s digital transformation puts patient data at risk, as well as the best practice recommendations for combating the problem.

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2019 Thales Data Threat Report – Healthcare Edition Written by a team of analysts from IDC’S security products research and Health Insights practices, this report focuses on the findings from 100 U.S. healthcare enterprise IT security professionals with responsibility for, or influence over, IT and data security. Download Report