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Come see us at Black Hat USA 2020 to see how you can rely on Thales for your data security requirements.

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Black Hat USA 2019 proved to be the largest Black Hat that Thales has ever sponsored!

It is the most exciting data security show of the year! Each year, thousands of data security professionals, black and white hackers get together for a week of sessions, keynotes and the vendor showcase. That’s where our Thales team met over 1000 people in just two days!

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Thanks for signing up! We look forward to seeing you Black Hat USA 2019.

Did you have the chance to stop by our booth at Black Hat USA 2019 and try our virtual reality room? Prizes to the top finishers each day was an Oculus Go Headset.

Along with the game, we shared our Multi-Cloud Security platform with visitors. The demo’s and messaging included;

  • Cloud HSM On Demand
  • BYOK Life Cycle Management
  • Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE)
  • Trusted Access to Cloud Apps

Does your enterprise encrypt everything?

Whether your data is at rest, in motion, or in use, you can rely on Thales for your sensitive data.

Discover best practices to lock down production Kubernetes workloads and safeguard data in every environment? Get Secure Microservices, Kubernetes Deployment. How Not to Get Hacked.