Digital Transformation and Data Privacy

Digital transformation continues to have a huge positive effect on both organizations and individuals. Among many advances, it has certainly made commerce easier. But commerce is based, in part, on trust by purchasers that their data will not be misused to cause them harm or inconvenience. This makes the commercial aspect of the digital transformation dependent on the security of purchaser data. Organizations around the world that have taken this issue lightly have suffered as a result, and boards of directors have taken note.

2019 Cloud Security Study

Results from the 2019 Thales Cloud Security Study, a survey of more than 3300 executives in 8 countries who are familiar with and involved in their companies’ use of both public and private cloud resources. Survey, reporting and analysis conducted by the Ponemon Institute, commissioned by Thales

2019 Cloud Security Study

2019 Thales Data Threat Report India Edition

This report is based on a global IDC web-based survey of 1,200 executives with responsibility for or influence over IT and data security from nine countries and a range of industries, with a primary emphasis on healthcare, financial services, retail, and federal government organisations. Geographies covered include India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand.

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